The Steel Plow Helped Farmers Dig Up The Tough Prairies

Life became easier for farmers with the invention of the steel plow.

The steel plow inventor was John Deere. He invented the steel plow in 1837. John Deere moved to Grand Detour, Illinois and realized the farmers needed a stronger plow to help break up the mid-west soil that was tougher than the soil back east.

The steel plow had a tremendous impact by allowing newly settled farmers to more quickly and at less expensive prepare their fields for crops.

Steel Plow History
  • In 1837 John Deere invented the steel plow to help mid-west farmers.
  • In 1841 John Deere made 75 plows.
  • By 1847 John Deere was making over a 1000 steel plows a year.
  • In 1868 Deere and Company was incorporated.
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